In the KNOW NOW is here and it’s going to rock the media world.

17 March 2017 | Mediamark launches its In the KNOW NOW skills development and knowledge sharing platform just as the release of new research data and an evolving research landscape bring significant change to South Africa’s media buying world.

The In The KNOW NOW platform was developed to help both seasoned professionals and young talent alike, develop the skills and expertise they need to thrive in this changing environment. “2017 is a year of profound change in terms of media research”, states Lerlynn Latief, Head of Media and Market Intelligence. “In this first quarter alone, the new RAM survey and the soon to be released Establishment Survey will force both seasoned and new media professionals to re-orientate themselves in terms of their understanding of the composition of the South African population, as well as its media consumption habits. We are committed to helping our colleagues find their direction in this new landscape, providing them with useful planning resources and insights that will aid them in building more effective campaigns.”

The In the KNOW NOW platform will offer workshops, webinars and learning materials across most media channels and platforms brands use today, starting with radio and then expanding into digital and television.

“We have spent a lot of time, research and analytics developing these modules to ensure we are equipping media and marketing professionals with the tools they need to remain on top of their game,” says Werner Lindemann, Managing Director, Mediamark.

Mediamark has disclosed the details of the first In The KNOW NOW programmes. The “Know Radio Now” full-day workshop will offer new entrants into the media industry and more experienced media professionals insight into the latest trends and best practices. It will encompass the following modules:

  • Know the consumer and media landscape
  • Know radio
  • Know the principles of radio planning

The ‘Know Radio Planning’ half-day workshop is a practical experience for people who need to understand the mechanics of radio planning, including the implications of the BRC RAM surveys and radio’s roles in multimedia and 360-degree campaigns.

Finally, the “Get to Know Radiomax Webinar” for experienced planners and strategists who have not yet switched to RadioMax will help media professionals find their way around Telmar’s planning suite. Jennifer Daniel (MD of Telmar) will swiftly orientate participants on the new software and highlight its benefits.

“We’re excited about this initiative to provide strategic direction to marketing and media professionals and equip them with the right tools to successfully get the best tangible results from their customer’s media spend,” says Lindemann. “We are hoping to play a role in ensuring that the industry has a strong pool of skills for the future.”

“Know Radio Now” dates:

  • Johannesburg: 31 May; 1 June
  • Cape Town: 13 June; 14 June
  • Durban: 28 June


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