Created by Mediamark, In the KNOW is a learning and sharing initiative to keep marketers and media professionals up-to-date about the latest industry trends, and up-skill young media practitioners.

The media industry is going through an era of rapid change as digital technologies reshape the landscape and change consumer behaviour. Today's leading brands are thinking about their marketing and advertising in a more integrated and holistic manner, and data and technology are more important than ever.

Mediamark has a history of leading the education space and continues to have a desire to share its learnings. In our efforts, we hope to assist in ramping up the understanding of the relevance of traditional media as well as how digital dovetails traditional media to amplify reach and impact.

Young media planners face the daunting challenge of coming to grips with a complex landscape and seasoned strategists struggle to stay current with the latest technologies and developments. Our aim is to help them navigate this shifting terrain so that they can help their clients get the best possible ROI from their multi channel, media investments.