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**Source: EGTA (A European association of television and radio sales houses)


To our valued advertisers
We have created this knowledge portal to keep you In The Know. You will find Mediamark research, activity and opportunities which released to market during the national lockdown. This is an uncertain time for all but my promise to you is that we are still 100% committed to innovating towards a new norm with you as our partners.
Keep well, safe and informed.
Wayne Bischoff, Mediamark CEO

*Listen up! Creative drives nearly 50% of ROI

According to studies done by Nielson Catalina Solutions nearly 50% of ROI is affected by creative content. Can you afford not to keep up with global trends?

*Source: Nielson Catalina Solutions (Media Company)

Effective Radio Sells

Fresh from winning a Gold, Silver and Bronze Cannes Lions for the vernacular Town Lodge radio campaign, As both the writer and performer of the first isiZulu commercial campaign to win big at Cannes, Sanele has a unique perspective to share about being locally relevant and globally relevant.

Sanele Ngubane

2019 Gold Cannes Lion Winner for the TBA Town Lodge Radio Campaign

A multiple award winner, Louis worked on both of the South African Cannes winning radio campaigns. He is a passionate composer and sound designer and owner of Produce Sound. Come and hear what production values can do to a campaign.

Louis Enslin

One of SA’s most awarded radio producers

Natalie Botha is Kantar’s Director of Creative Development, Middle East and Africa. She has served as an Apex Award Judge and regularly presents Kantar’s South Africa’s Best Liked Ads and will give practical evidence based guidelines to get the most out of your radio campaign.

Natalie Botha

Kantar’s Creative Development Director

Wayne Bischoff has three decades of extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industry, in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and Europe. This experience covers the full media landscape and gives him a strategic birds eye view of the trends currently disrupting the media and advertising world.

Wayne Bischoff

Mediamark Ceo

Why Watch?

In a world where programmatic radio is fast approaching, it is imperative that clients and agencies alike understand the power creativity in radio/audio can have in selling a product. Mediamark brings together SA’s foremost radio creative experts to unpack the science and art behind a successful audio campaign.

Listen to Sanele Ngubane, Gold Cannes Lions winner in 2019, Louis Enslin, SA’s multiple award winning radio producer, Natalie Botha, Kantar's Creative Development Director and Wayne Bischoff Mediamark CEO for a uniquely South African perspective.

Wayne Bischoff

  • Evidence that radio is a medium that people believe they can trust
  • Radio has categorically increased engagement and listening during lockdown.
  • People want to be connected to community.
  • People are twice as happy when they listen to radio
  • We have to look at humanising brands and creating a real connection.

Sanele Ngubane

  • A good Radio ad = A great idea + craft + craft + more craft.
  • Creativity for creativity's sake will not cut through, it needs to speak to your central idea.
  • The future of radio is NOT a 30 second spot.
  • Radio requires an idea, theatre of the mind and time.
  • There is Radio apartheid. Lets wake up.
  • Radio is the best kept secret in the creative and brand world.

Natalie Botha

  • In the lead up to the SA lock down there was a 30% increase in radio listeners
  • Radio is the publics primary choice for reliable information
  • Evidence shows growth is most visible when brands work harder at the creative
  • A central campaign idea must be clearly identified and customized per medium
  • Creative wear out is rare, media wear out is more likely
  • Brand equity needs time, and objectives need to inform timing. This is more to build brand love, less to remind the listener.

Louis Enslin

  • The magic with radio is the ability to create a visual world through audio.
  • The sound used and the V/O can be the difference between being annoyed, liking or loving a brand.
  • For us to bring radio to life we need; time, money, trust, brave clients and to be realistic.
  • Spend the time on pre-production (like you would for TV).
  • The first produced iteration of an ad should not be the one you go with. Aspire for excellence and not mediocrity.
  • Better quality trumps frequency.

Keeping relevant during covid-19

Uncertain times call for certain action. Keep your brand entrenched in listeners’ minds with these ideas where relevance is everything.

Creative content & covid-19

A presentation by Kantar

Navigating growth in a covid-19 world

A presentation by Kantar

Facebook Live Workshop

Quarantine Dream 1

Quarantine Dream 2


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